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What is Formula Student?

“Formula Student is a series of competitions in which students from various universities compete to design, develop, build and race a formula type vehicle.”

This competition first started in the United States, organized by SAE, during 1981. All around the world, official competitions started to emerge during the last 15 years and in Europe the most popular ones are Formula Student UK (FSUK) and Formula Student Germany.

There are two classes in this Competition:

  • Class 1 is for vehicles ready to race, where the vehicle's performance is tested as well as how the project was made.
  • Class 2 is where only the project (design, cost and sustainability, and business presentation) is judged.

Formula Student vehicles are high performance in terms of speed, braking and cornering. During the competition they are testedin static events i.e. design, cost and sustainability, business presentation and in dynamic contests which include: acceleration, endurance, sprint, skid pad and fuel economy.


2006: The Beginning!

Students of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria decided to join the Formula Student competition with the objective of applying knowledge acquired through their university courses to a tangible project.
In 2006 the first team representing the Polytechnic was founded (Formula IPLeiria).
This team remained active up until 2009 and during that time they were able to achieve excellent results, including placing 1st in a class 2 competition.

2012: New name, new goals!

In 2012, after a 3 year hiatus, a new team structure was born under the name FSIPLeiria.
Once again students from IPLeiria proved themselves to be highly skilled and innovative. In 2014 they were the first European team to compete with an electrical accelerator.

2019: New beginnings!

After the project coming close to an end, the FSIPLeiria team was reborn in 2019 with the purpose of taking their goals one step further and showing the know how of Portuguese students.
We pride ourselves in our multidisciplinary approach. The team is composed of students from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from engineering to marketing and administration.
A special mention goes to the students of the only Automobile Engineering course in Portugal, the true pillars of this project since day one.

2021: Building the future!

In 2021 the team decided to focus on a more safe and sustainable future and began developing its first ever autonomous and electrical vehicle.
If you’re interested and believe you can be great addition to the team, contact us.